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Tradeco is a modified hydraulic lime binder, manufactured by Saint Astier in France. It is based on NHL 3.5 with the addition of a small proportion of white low sulfate cement and additives to improve workability. Tradeco is formulated for use with low strength backgrounds. As a modified hydraulic lime, Tradeco will develop its compressive strength of the mansonry unit. This makes it an ideal choice for building with low strength masonry units and blocks. Tradeco also offers good elasticity and water retention, setting time, low capillarity and excellent breathability.


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Tradeco Building mortar: 1 bag 80 litres of sand Stipple coats on renders (cast on or sprayed on): 1 bag 70 litres of well graded sharp sand 0-3mm Renders/plaster base coat Manual application: 1 bag 90 litres of well graded sharp sand Spray application: 1 bag 80 litres of well graded sand 3.6N masonry units: Building mortar 1 bag 100 litres of well graded sand Water addition: 24 litres per bag of 25 kg binder with dry sand.This can vary depending on moisture of site sands Mixing time: 5 – 6 minutes Packaging: 25 kg bags (40 bags per pallet) Shelf life: 12 months properly stored

Tradeco mortar preparation: Up to 5 minutes in conventional drum mixers.

Sand: Clean, well graded 0-3mm (general). Lower or higher granulometries can be adopted.
Avoid monogranular sands. Sands for renders base coats should not be below 0-2mm.

Adequately dampen materials or background if too dry or with high suction. Do not work in temperatures below 5 oC or above 35 oC. The building materials or background should not be frosty or too hot or water saturated. Protect fresh mortars from frost, rain or strong direct sun. Storage: in dry store. Reseal open bags a.s.a.p

The above details are given for general information purposes and do not constitute a specification.

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