Hydraulic Lime Mortar: Colour 1

Introducing Nurture™, our standard Pure Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortars, offering a reliable and versatile solution for the care and repair of traditional buildings.

Key Features:

  • Dry Bagged NHL Mortar: Nurture™ comes in a dry bagged form, ready to use with the simple addition of water. Please choose from our Coarse or Fine sand mix options, available in a convenient 25kg bag size.
  • General-Purpose Re-pointing Mortar: This “Mix & Go” mortar is ideal for most re-pointing applications below the roof line in traditional buildings. It provides the essential properties needed for proper restoration and maintenance.
  • Extensive Colour Choice: Enjoy a wide range of options with our Colourpack quick match system, offering 400 standard colours “off the shelf.” Achieve the perfect aesthetic blend for your project.
  • Free from Cement: Nurture™ is free from cement, ensuring compatibility with historic masonry and traditional building materials. It promotes breathability and minimises the risk of damage caused by trapped moisture.
  • Consistency and Repeatability: Our pre-mixed mortar guarantees consistency and repeatability, offering reliability and ease of use over site-mixed mortars. You can trust Nurture™ to deliver consistent performance every time.

Please note: When purchasing Nurture, please allow 3-5 working days for production time, excluding delivery. The colour displayed on your screen should only be used as a reference, as screen calibration may vary. Masons Mortar always recommends purchasing a sample for on-site approval to ensure an accurate colour match.

About Masons Mortar

Masons Mortar have over 35 years experience manufacturing and supplying quality lime products for the care, repair and conservation of our built heritage, Past Present and Future. Masons Mortar Ltd has sourced this wide range of materials to ensure the best possible match for historic mortars, perhaps anywhere in the world, and we are committed to quality and standards. Find out more about us here, or check out our full range of mortars and accessories in our store.  Click and collect is available in Glasgow, Fife and Edinburgh or we can offer national shipping from the website.