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DPM – Dry Placement Mortar

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Masons Mortar – Dry Placement Mortar – DPM

Dry placement mortars with rapid setting for damp, wet, rapidly submerged or exposed rough racked footpaths.

  • Good Vapour permeability
  • Offering very low capillarity
  • Rapid initial rate of set

This dry bagged mortar is applied as a dry brushed joint filler and then hydrated after placing.  For filling deep joints between masonry units (40mm or more) and width between 10mm – 100mm (maximum). Why not watch our video clip to see how easy it is to use:

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Offering very low capillarity, good vapour permeability with an exceptionally rapid initial rate of setting, Masons Mortar Ltd DPM mortars are specifically designed for high foot  traffic areas where joints are large and the mortar is acting as a unifying surface finish between often irregular masonry units or where unpredictable intermittent inundation or tidal submersion is certain. The mortar is applied as a dry brushed joint filler and hydrated after placing.

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