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Ecomortar R Series products are highly suitable for repair or recoating of cement mortars, gypsum plasters and composite backgrounds where different materials are present (plasterboards, timber, concrete etc…). Please note that Ecomortar R50 & R100 are not water-proofed & require a finishing coat for external applications.

Application: On clean and dry backgrounds where loose or friable parts have been removed:

R 50: Suitable for numerous backgrounds including: plasterboards, timber elements, bricks, stone, construction blocks, non-waterproofed cement surfaces, gypsum plasters. On internal insulation panels, MDF, plywood, the application is permitted. Externally it is important that the insulation panels or other materials are not affected by humidity (dew point forming within the panel) causing in time a deformation of the panel and consequent movement. Please check with the manufacturers of the panels.

R100: As per Ecomortar R50, but it can also be applied onto painted backgrounds (subject to paint being sound and well bonded), smooth concrete/cast concrete (free of demoulding oils), waterproofed surfaces, tiles, metal components (rust treated).