1.       Product description

Dry bagged Coloured concentrates mixed with dispersion binders for adding to Masons Mortar Ltd and St Astier Dry bagged mortars based on Natural Hydraulic Lime binders and aggregates

  1. General application and uses

Masons Mortar Ltd Colour Packs are produced specifically for use with Masons Mortar Ltd and certain St Astier dry bagged mortar products to produce accurate through coloured mortars for all aspects of building  pointing and repairing masonry, natural stone, brick or cast stone, for render or plaster in conservation, restoration and new build.

The contents of Colour Packs will not affect the overall performance of any product with which they are designed to be used.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to check that the coloured mortar once mixed is an accurate representation of the colour ordered. Once mixed and applied materials will not be replaced.

  1. Material Properties

Colour packs will not affect mortar performance except for the extension of board time or curing when deep reds and dark grey or blacks are used. Consult Masons Mortar Ltd chart for physical properties for the range of Masons Mortar Ltd ready mixed Lime mortars or St Astier compatible dry bagged mixes designated suitable for use with Masons Mortar Ltd Colour Packs

  1. Application instructions

Ambient and materials / surface temperature range to be within 50C – 300C – out with these ranges consult our Technical Department. Use control methods to maintain ambient conditions until mortar is sufficiently cured – where advised on the Colour Pack Supplied, extend the curing and protection for not less than 24 hours

  1. Handling and storage requirements


  • Supplied in double wrapped plastic bag, – Bag within a Bag, do not open or remove the outer bag until ready to mix mortar, colour coding is on the outer bag, removal could lead to confusion and errors.
  • Not for sale as a stand alone item. These products must only be used in conjunction with specified designated products.
  • Use one full Colour Pack per unit purchased.
  • Keep in dry conditions away from frost and dampness.
  • Supplied ready for use with the following mortar unit sizes, 6.25KG. /12.5KG./ 25KG.
  • Upon request where multiple bags or units are being mixed, Masons Mortar can supply Colour Packs for multiple mixing requirements.
  1. Mixing
  • Mix the full bag or unit of mortar to a consistency drier than would normally be required for use, add powdered materials to water wherever possible, start mixing wet, and gradually add more product until the mix reaches the desired consistency, add the correct size of colour pack for the unit size being mixed. Form a hollow in the body of the premixed mortar, in still air – sheltered; ensure the dry contents of the polythene bag are emptied carefully in the mix. Turn over with a gauger or trowel to incorporate the colour pack contents into the wet mortar.  Avoid turning the mixer on in case any dry product is lost to atmosphere. Take the colour pack, turn it inside out inside the static mixing drum and wipe it against the wet mix to ensure all pigments are fully integrated. Turn on the mixer, do not short mix, short mixing requires greater water content and will lead to bleed or shrinkage. Over mixing can result in weaker mortar.   As a general rule mix for 3-4 minutes with drill and whisk mixers and for 5-6 minutes for pans and paddle mixers. For free fall mixers mix 8-10minutes. If hand mixing, mix all the materials supplied making sure the mortar when slicked with a trowel is streak free, if the mix exhibits coloured streaks, then it is not adequately mixed, usually around 4-5 minutes of vigorous mixing after the final water content is necessary for a good hand mix


  1. Consumption
  • Use only full Colour Packs for the designated product, never split or divide a colour pack.
  1. Clean up
  • Wash tools with clean water immediately after use
  1. Protection
  • Proper protection must be maintained throughout the curing process, colour variation will occur if differential hydration takes place. After placing keep work protected from strong sunlight, drying winds, rain and frost until properly cured.
  • Deep reds and darker coloured greys or black coloured mortars may be slower to set as the heavier pigment loads will increase water demand.

Hazardous substances classification: Mixed in with mortars the hazard classifications will be as for the mortar products. All Colour Packs have some binder and fillers covered by the following classifications.

  • R 38: Irritating to the skin
  • R 41: Risk of serious damage to the eyes
  • S 2: Keep out of reach of children
  • S22: Do not breathe dust
  • S24/25: Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • S26: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
  • S37/39: Wear suitable gloves and eye / face protection
  • S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label

Transport Hazard Class



EC waste code no 170101

Any residue must be emptied out of bags or containers before recycling.

Solidify any residual material with water and after consulting the relevant authorities, dispose of in a construction material land fill site